We come up with a team of experts to assess your websites and applications keeping in vision of the disabled people hitches and set of standard guidelines in WCAG 2.1, and many more.

Our team of experts include visually impaired users with smart technical abilities, professionals who put themselves in the shoes of disabled users of all types with empathy, color contrast analyzer, and a super automatic People Tech Accessibility Compliance Tool (PACT) frame work.

Our assessment includes:

  • Manual Testing using keyboard navigation
  • PACT Tool (In-house)
  • NVDA and JAWS Screen Readers (Assistive Technologies)
  • Differently Disabled User (Usability Lab)


We do help you in the development phase to build an inclusive web and app. We work with your development team and assist them in developing a fully accessible website and application. We do a demo on the need of web accessibility in todays’ world, how it adds to the business, and why it needs to match the WCAG 2.1 standards. We will provide training on how to achieve best accessibility results in the coding level itself.

We do help you in the remediation phase. Our expert team will remediate the code post our assessment.

Our remediation process includes

  • Development support in person, helpdesk, and video calls
  • Training development team
  • Demo on web accessibility and WCAG 2.1 guidelines Advantages
  • Develop your website, app, and documents in view of accessibility
  • Gain thorough understanding of WCAG 2.1 standards from the demo
  • Add accessibility skills as an additional skillset to the work force
  • Take advantage of learning new skills while working with expert team
  • Utilize the knowledge gained to work in multiple projects
  • Increase in productivity of existing work force
  • Avoid remediation cost spend in future projects and evade legal issues
  • Project accessibility skills of work force and achieve confidence of clients and increase brand image

Staying Compliant

We do help you stay compliant and do business with morals. Our QA professionals will confirm your development & testing process, legality side, and end user documentation compliance with WCAG 2.1 standards to help to know the status and update as recommended.

Our compliance process includes

  • Deliver VPAT document
  • Quality Assurance
  • Monitoring in person


  • Maintain WCAG 2.1 standards consistently
  • Side step all possible legal concerns
  • Reduce risk of losing customer and brand image
  • Reduce project spend on digital accessibility
  • Get suggestions from QA team
  • Be in good books of clients

Ready to Take Your Web Accessibility to the Next Level?


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